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Customer Service

Ideal for those in Customer-Facing Roles

Module 1: Maintaining Customer Service Across Channels

    People’s expectations of a good customer experience
    The differences between Customer Service and Customer Experience
    What multiple channels are, and how service should flow between them
    How to maintain context across channels
    Finding the balance between online and human interaction

Module 2 - The Importance of a Brand

    The meaning of a ‘brand’
    How branding affects the consumer
    Why it’s important to breathe your brand
    How lack of brand knowledge creates a bad customer experience
    How to train teams on your brand

Module 3 - Customer Relationships

    Reading a situation
    Reading your customer’s body language
    Beginning a conversation confidently
    Understanding communication etiquette – what can and cannot be said
    Ending a conversation
    Dealing with difficult situations
    Following up with a customer

Module 4 - Customer Loyalty

    The importance of customer retention (for new and existing customers)
    How to create and maintain loyalty
    The effectiveness of word of mouth
    How to build brand ambassadors

Module 5 - Effective Problem Solving

    Understanding the customer’s point of view
    How to communicate effectively
    Finding the balance between company policy and satisfying the customer
    How to manage the customer’s expectations
    How to find solutions and follow-up on inquiries

Module 6 - Handling Complaints Gracefully

    What a complaint is and why you should listen
    How to react to a complaint appropriately
    How to assume positive intent
    The difference between an apology and sincerity
    How to resolve problems effectively
    The value of compensation
    How to use complaints to the company’s advantage

Module 7 - Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

    The importance of knowing your product
    Different methods of up-selling or cross-selling
    When to know if it’s the right time to up-sell or cross-sell
    How to choose the appropriate method (up-selling or cross-selling) for different channels
    How to use appropriate pricing systems
    Why it’s important to focus on customer service rather than sales

Module 8 - Managing Customer Expectations

    How to set achievable goals
    How to offer promises about deliverables
    How to align customer and business goals

Module 9 - Technology

    Identify the differences between tangible technology and intangible technology
    Understand connected personalization
    Know what technology will make your customers’ lives easier
    Put the customer ahead of data (GDPR)
    Outsource technology

Module 10 - Going Beyond Customer Service

    The life cycle of customer service
    How to use ‘out of the box’ thinking specific to your brand
    How to personalize without annoying your customers
    Top tips from business CEOs on how to go above and beyond
    What’s ‘High touch’ customer service